Series Info

Series Information

The Production Sportscar Racing Association of Australia (PSCRAA) is proud to have long been a custodian of a contemporary Production Sports Car Racing tradition, which is steeped in the history and colour of Australian Motor Sport. Sports cars have been integral to Australian motorsport grids from earliest times, being the main support category for the Australian Grand Prix (the world’s third oldest!), from inception, through the golden years of the ‘Tasman International F1 Series’ and into the seventies.

Production’ or ‘Marque’ sports cars have always been the backbone of such grids, and continue today as the prime sports car category, in terms of the number and variety of participants. On any given Sunday, there is an event featuring production sports cars, with upwards of 100 regular participants on the eastern seaboard.

PSCRAA grids feature pure sports cars of greatly varied marques, pedigree, and state of tune; from near standard street legal, to highly modified fire breathing monsters capable of lap times approaching those of V8 Supercars. The ‘rebirth of the modern production sports car’ has seen new and exciting cars like Mazda MX5, Toyota MR2, Nissan 200SX, Lotus Elise, BMW Z3, MGF, Honda S2000, join established stars from Alfa Romeo, Austin Healey, Datsun, Triumph, Lotus, MG, Jaguar and Porsche. The addition of low volume production sports cars, such as the brute horsepower of the mighty Cobra, and the quick and nimble Lotus Motorsport 200, has further enhanced variety and competition.