2014 Rules/Supp Regs

The rules are in the final stages of completion, apart from minor updates there are a couple of areas we are looking to change, feel free to comment on below:

1. Change to Class A structure, introduction of Xtreme (X) class

The purpose of the new class structure is to try and limit the faster cars at the front of the field, at the moment there is a big disparity between some A class cars and there is little incentive for class B cars to move up without significant investment. It is therefore proposed to split Class A into 2 classes, the new class introduced will be called Xtreme (X) and will have a power-to-weight limit of 3.3 to 4.5kg/kW and the new class A will now have a power-to-weight limit of 4.51 to 6.31kg/kW. All other classes (B, C, D & E) will stay the same and GT must run in their FIA/GT homologation specs. We have arranged a dyno day for the entire field, more info provided below.


Therefore, revised class structure will be-


Class X 3.3 – 4.5kg/kW-

Class A 4.51 – 6.3kg/kW-

Class B 6.31 – 8.1kg/kW-

Class C 8.1kg/kW-

Class D 2F and group S vehicles with a capacity greater than 2.5L-

Class E 2F and group S vehicles up to a maximum capacity of 2.5L

2. Sequential gearboxes were approved last year and we have been trying to get CAMS to modify the rule to allow paddle shift option in ALL cars, this is supported by the ProdSports Committee and Technical Committee.

3. TVS supercharges are not allowed unless they are factory homologated.

4. Single turbo options for RX7’s are not supported, however a special clause will be adopted to allow current spec RX7’s with single turbos to remain eligible. These RX7’s will run in their respective PWR classes.

5. All competitors with forced induction vehicle must make provision for dataloger wiring etc, the Committee will provide looms to applicable cars, please make us aware that you will require them. Datalogers will be supplied and installed on cars of their choice by the ProdSports Committee/Technical Committee and cannot be tampered with by the competitor, all data must be downloaded by ProdSports Committee/Technical Committee only, any tampering will result in exclusion from race results.

*****Official ProdSports Dyno Day at Armour Motorsport Service- COMPULSORY*****

Our COMPULSORY dyno day is Saturday 22nd March 2014 and if it is oversubscribed there may be an opportunity to also lock in Sunday 23rd March. NSW Location: Armour Motorsport ServiceUnit 3/21 Peachtree Rd PenrithContact Phil Armour 02 47325929 for bookings, email: armourmotorsport@bigpond.comCost: $50 and as previously mentioned, dyno dates outside this time will cost $360 For other states, cars must provide dyno sheets in the Dyno Dynamics “Shoot Out” Mode or figures will not be accepted. Note: this is for all cars in classes X, A, B and C. This is not required for class D and E or for GT cars as they must run to their FIA/GT homologation and specification for the entire series. Failure to turn up to dyno day or provide acceptable documentation will result in you being classified in a higher class and the results will not be changed at a later date.

2014 Race Calendar

The 2014 race calendar can be viewed on the website

2014 Club Sponsors

Our 2014 club sponsor will be confirmed shortly.

Bathurst Enduro 18-20 April 2014

We are now oversubscribed for Bathurst, so for those entrants that haven’t paid their initial $1500 deposit you will be getting relegated back to a reserve list and I will be moving other people forward, you have until Monday 17th February 2014 to now pay the full $2300 entry fee or lose your position automatically, I do not have time to chase all of you up individually so the onus is on you to check if you have paid or not.Head over to the Calendar page to download the Bathurst Supp Regs, fuel order form and Bathurst Entry Forms. You will need to fill out the additional Entry Form as these go directly to the race organisers.A list of current Bathurst entrants are also included, if you are not on the list but have sent form/payment then please let me know immediately.

2013 Winners and Trophy Presentations

Congratulations to Mark Stinson for winning the 2013 State Series and to Manny Mezzasalma and Phil Treloar for winning the 2013 Cue Enduro Series. I will have a complete wrap up of all placings and classes in the next update.Trophies will be presented to the winners during the Bathurst round.

ProdSports AGM and Committee Election

Our Annual AGM and Committee Election will once again be held at Bathurst on Saturday 19th April 2014, please make an effort to attend, if you cannot then a proxy form will be available.

Check out our new Tech Q&A Section

Club committee meetings are also now being posted for your information and comment.If you haven’t done so, please provide us with photos of your car and profile for posting here on the website.

Membership Renewals

For those that haven’t down so, can you please update your club membership, application can be downloaded from HERE


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